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What's New?

New Partnerships!

We are proud to be adding SAL Family and Community Services to our list of partnerships this month. Many families will benefit through our work together. We are looking forward to participating in their Summer Festival on June 10th from 10 until 2 pm at Longview Park in Rock Island. 

An addition to our Community Health Care partnership will be helping refugee families with diapers through the CHC Rock Island Medical Clinic. 

Walk-In Assistance

As a small, volunteer-run non-profit, we know that we cannot reach every Quad Cities family that is need of diapers through our standard partnership model. 

This year, we have enlisted our partners, The Salvation Army in Moline and in Davenport, to provide walk-in diaper assistance for families. Visit the following locations during business hours for assistance with diapers. 

2200 5th Ave. in Moline

100 Kirkwood Blvd. in Davenport

World's Largest Diaper Drive

May 1- 6, 2023

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